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We also collaborate with A6T-Hemp. A6T-Hemp makes organic full spectrum hemp extract. A6T-Hemp created the Endocannabinology Foundation in order to discover more about the healing benefits of cannabis. A6T-Hemp collaborates with the Endocannabinology Foundation by donating oil for us to give to people interested in trying it to alleviate symptoms of illnesses.

We are members of the Procannt group of Health Professionals for Cannabis Therapy. This association is a place for health professionals to come together to learn about and discuss cannabis as a medicine. Procannt brings together health professionals in Argentina to collaborate on projects related to cannabis legislation, scientific research, and medical use.

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We are looking to collaborate with medical professionals, health organizations, and individuals who would like to give cannabis oil treatment to patients in exchange for information regarding their experience.

Do you know someone or an animal that might benefit from being involved?

Do you have ideas on contributions to the fields of endocannabinology and cannabis health?

Contact us if you would like to work together!

animals Cannabis